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"UN CHARME ÉTONNANT"/ Surprising Attraction

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It was presented to watch-lovers' taste as a French brand in Paris in 1999. It became one of the bestselling accessories in American markets in 2004.In the creation of the brand Freelook, "Free" represents unique design and free thought while "Look" represents elegance and fashion perspective.A completely French design, Freelook watches adorned by Swarovski stones have become globalized by striking women at their heart with their unique styles and contrary models. It has become a brand which is much liked and followed in all the markets including America, Europe and the Middle East.

Being influenced from the atmosphere of Paris, Freelook has become the favourite of many famous people very rapidly. Attracting the attention of globally renowned fashion editors, Freelook took place in most important fashion magazines with its unique designs.

The Freelook takes people under its influence from the first glimpse. Having been born inside the Paris fashion world, Freelook’s elegant curves produce a jewel-worth product as they are combined with Swarovski stones. As the indispensable accessory of free and stylish women, the brand highlights elegance, splendour and femininity.

Freelook is an elegant, happy, energetic, urban Parisian woman who leads fashion, loves living, fascinates with her style, never sacrifices quality, follows the agenda and not hesitates sharing her life…

The specially designed collection of Freelook was manufactured in high quality standards. All the products are steel and completed with the miyota machinery, Japanese technology. Its models feature mineral glass and 5-Atm waterproofing.

The sophisticated design and use of Swarovski crystals help create the impression of exceptional accessories.

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